I’m Filip Williander, I am a PHP/Web-developer (Front and Back-End) from Sweden, I’ve studied Media Technology for three years at Södertörn University and right now I’m doing my second year at Hyper Island where I study Digital Media Creative.
I love to try new things, things that i haven’t done before or things that i don’t know how to do, I find it extremely interesting to try new stuff, whether its recreating movie posters, renovating an apartment, running my own company, create a physical installation or program games.
Basically anything where I feel have something to learn or if I see that I can try and make it in a new way.
I run my own company called Pretty Handsome Nerds, we are a 9 person creative collective that do projects together with or without clients, it doesn’t really matter. We mostly do this because it’s fun and we learn from each other.
I’ve worked 8 years in sales and really like to give presentations or try to sell things, ideas, products, or something else. I also love to make jokes, I really try to see the fun in things and see if there’s a way to turn something boring to something fun, something serious to something more silly or something fun to even more fun. Sometimes a little too much, but I’m working on it.

Thank you for reading.


Questions and Answers

Where have you studied?

My first real school was a “Media HighSchool in Gothenburg” where I studied Motion, Scriptwriting and 3D. After that I moved on to Study Media Technology at Södertörn University in Stockholm and now i’m still in Stockholm studying Digital Media Creative at Hyper Island.

Where have you worked?

Oh, well as most “young” people now days i’ve worked at a lot of places. But some of the relevant onces are: 
Publit: where I was a System Developer, building an interactive sales visualisation system for their clients.
Justin Kase: Here i was a “Creative Developer”, meaning I did some creative work for clients and Front and Back-End development.
Schibsted: Here I worked with System Development for MittBolån where we found and gave users the best mortgage available for them.
Pretty Handsome Nerds: Where I am CEO, Creative and a Developer.

What drives you?

My main drive, or my main motivation is that i want to build something, something that will last. Something that i can point to later in life and say to friends/family that I did that. Could be a company, a campaign or a website. What it is doesn’t matter that much, if its new, fresh, fun, then im doing it.

What are some projects that you are really happy with?

Well, my first one would be Calderan. This was a school project where we four weeks to come up with an physical installation. Without any knowledge about how to make it, my group decided that a hologram would be awesome. But not like the 2Pac hologram, you need to be able to walk around it. A lot of research later we found Peppers Ghost, and I thought it would be cool to connect it with a Leap Motion. I’ve never done anything for the leap motion before but it would be nice. Several late nights later we had a prototype and the week after Calderan was the most appreciated installation on the exhibition.
Another one just because it was fun would be my LED Suit. This was just because I’m always trying to get my halloween costume last second (might be because I always forget to buy one) and this year I didn’t have any money. What I did have was 3meter of unused Multi-coloured LED strip, AA batteries and a soldering iron. So with the brief knowledge of electricity that I had I went for it. The result was awesome, people really liked it and a few people asked where i bought it.

How do you see yourself in a working environment?

I see myself as a bridge between the analog and the digital. I’ve always worked with digital things but i love combining it with analog stuff. So I would want to be that bridge. In the future I think of myself as a Digital/Technical Director.
In a team I am supportive and thoughtful. In the Strength Deployment Inventory I am very much to the Blue, I like helping other people, teaching, and making sure that everyone is happy.

Where would you want to work?

I could work almost wherever, as long as I have a connection to digital and I get to try new things. So an agency, big or small that works in digital or is starting to move over to digital. A place where I get to do creative work and try new things.

What are some projects that you are working on right now?

Well right now I have both “Professional” work that I’m doing, and silly projects that im doing for myself.
I’m currently working on a campaign site for a Swedish Farming/Food company together with fellow Hyper Island students.
I’m also building a motorised Longboard but had to put that on hold to find and afford a motor, and I’m trying to build a version of JARVIS, haha.
Yeah im trying to build a cheap version of JARVIS using a GoPro, Leap Motion and an Oculus Rift. It would basically be the GoPro (mounted on the front of the Oculus) streaming video to a web based interface that you see in the Oculus and on the front is also a Leap Motion thats facing away from you, so you can swipe fingers infront of your eyes to control it. Then i would hook this up to some internet services, so you can see when the next train leaves, or get information based on where you are etc. Again something i’ve never done before, but its fun to try.



Thank you for reading all of this. If you have more questions feel free to email me at filip@williander.se

Have a good one //Filip