PromptPuzzle.AI was born from a desire to explore the lighter side of artificial intelligence and bring a fresh, innovative twist to traditional puzzles. I believe that AI has the potential to bring people together, spark creativity, and provide hours of entertainment. That’s why we’ve combined the best aspects of AI and puzzle-solving to create a truly unique experience.

I wanted to create something that could showcase the fun side of AI, while also teaching people how AI systems work. So with that in mind I created PromptPuzzle.AI. The game that asks ”Can you think like an AI”? Can you make order out of chaos, and make an image out of pixels and words.

The idea is that you get the puzzle but you don’t get to see the image you’re making. The image was generated by an AI using the prompt that’s on the puzzle box. So now you have to think like an AI and make the image using only the prompt as your guide.

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